Sue Baker




A consultation involves you describing your symptoms in your own way and answering questions to establish a good picture of you and how you function. Questions may relate to lifestyle, temperament, likes and dislikes, family and personal medical history, dreams, as well as the current presenting symptoms.


Gaining an understanding of you and your condition takes time so the initial consultation lasts for an hour and a half. Subsequent consultations are half an hour to forty five minutes and are about four weeks after the initial treatment. Generally speaking, the initial consultation may be followed by one or two follow-ups and maybe some telephone or email support in between.


Once you are registered as a patient, I offer advice and treatment for acute illnesses as they occur. I also maintain good contact with patients in between appointments.

Initial appointment


Adults (90mins)



Children (60 - 90 mins)



Follow-up appointment


Adults (up to 45mins)


Children (up to 30mins)


Acute prescriptions


Between £15 - £20

Depending on length of time spent on case.

I work on Zoom/Skype for those that can’t visit me face to face.

My patients say...

"Sue treated me for menopause symptoms, hot flushes and disturbed sleep. The treatment was really effective and I have almost no hot flushes and have been sleeping untroubled through the night. Really grateful and Sue's help has made a huge difference." KB.


"I have taken my three children to see Sue and she has been lovely and caring with them all. Homeopathy is amazing and we have seen some marked improvements using it. Sue is generous with her time, gentle and non- judgemental. She gives great follow up care and ensures that the right remedy is found.


It’s lovely having a homeopath that can treat my whole family and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sue to others." EM.

"I took along my 12 year old daughter to see Sue when she was diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue. We were made to feel very valued and after an in-depth consultation Sue knew exactly what remedy to prescribe for my daughter. This proved to be an absolute turning point for my daughter and gradually she managed to go back to school on a part time basis to begin with and was gradually integrated back into a full time timetable. 


I am so grateful for Sue's understanding and caring approach, and have recommended her to other people.  Most importantly I am delighted with my daughter's health and wellbeing as she is a better adjusted and well balanced girl."

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